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Brian Boldman

Brian Boldman is a native North Carolinian, age 42. He became interested in aviation at a young age, which led to a pilot’s license and a career with a major airline as a FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. After witnessing two UFOs over Charlotte, NC in 1989, he began a study of the phenomenon, which led eventually to angel hair research. After numerous visits to various libraries and archives, inter-library loans, and FOIA requests, he has compiled a database of over 250 cases.

He has been published in various newsletters, the International UFO Reporter: and has self-published “Angel Hair Newsclippings, 1947-2002” a collection of 60+ newspaper articles about angel hair cases. He has appeared on the Bob Heironomus Radio Program, Hilly Rose Sirius Radio, and OVNI Televista, a Mexican Cable TV show. (Title needs verified) Presentations include the National UFO Conference in Beverly Hills, and MUFON NC. He is a MUFON Field Investigator, CUFOS, and Society for Scientific Exploration Associate.

Contact Info J. Brian Boldman Atmospheric Anomaly Research P.O. Box 156 Belews Creek, NC 27009 Ph/fax: 336.595.3660 email:


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